Armenian Opera House is the pride of Yerevan standing in the very heart of the City. The Opera Theatre was founded in the State Conservatoire of Armenia as an opera studio by the director of Conservatoire A. Ter-Ghevondyan in 1927. It was officially recognized as the National Opera Theatre of Armenia in 1932 and opened in 1933. In 1940 the National Theatre of Opera got the magnificent new building designed by the outstanding Armenian architect A. Tamanyan. The building comprises the Aram Khachaturian Hall and the Alexander Spendiarian Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater.

The first national Armenian opera- “The Arshak II,” was composed in 1868 by Tigran Chukhajian. It describes the situation in Armenia in the fourth century when Armenia fought for its independence. Exactly for this opera the composer was worthily named “Armenian Verdi”.

Countless Operas have been performed in the Opera house.