Ijevan is a city in Armenia and is the administrative center of Tavush region. Located on both banks of the river Aghstev, 124 km distance from Yerevan.

Ijevan began a rapid development in the 30-ies of the last century onwards, when put into operation in a variety of industrial, construction, food and other enterprises.
The city has organized international conferences like sculptures, which is why Ijevan received a “100 sculptures City” title.

The city is surrounded by hills covered with dense forests, which replaces the magnificent alpine meadows place. The city’s inhabitants are engaged in farming, animal husbandry and tent. This city is known for carpet making.

This city is a wonderful place for active recreation lovers.
The area of Ijevan is home to several historic monuments of Armenian Architecture:
Makaravank Monastery of the 10th century in Achajur village 16 km north of Ijevan. This purple and green stone complex in the forest above the village is a very popular destination.
Arakelots Monastery of the 13th century few kilometers north of Ijevan near Kirants village.
Kirants Monastery of the 8th century 10 km north of Ijevan.
Gandzakar village monastery few kilometers south of Ijevan.

Yenokavan Canyon, near Yenokavan village north of Ijevan. Characterized with beautiful cliffs, caves, forests, rivers and cascades. “Anapat cave” has a style of pre-Christian unique carvings which resemble Mayan and Aztec works. There are small rest houses and a modern resort in Yenokavan canyon.