Yervand Kochar museum was opened in 1984 in the place of Maestro’s workshop. The museum gives full information about the whole creative life of the artist: paintings, graphics, sculptures of “Tiflis”, “Paris”, “Yerevan” periods, models of monument sculptures, videos.
Kochar’s prospective works of art, considered to be an achievement of modern art, are kept in “Pompidu” center in Paris and in Yervand Kochar museum.

Rare documents telling about Kochar’s relations with the great representatives of avant-garde are also displayed in the museum. Yervand Kochar museum is an important center of studying and spreading of historical avant-garde in the region. The works of  Armenian artist were exhibited beside the ones of such famous artists as Picasso, Braque, Arp, Brancusi, Leger, de Chirico and others. Together with them, as well as with Duchan, Miro, Kandinski, Moholy-Nagy, Delauney in 1936 he signed “Dimansionism manifesto”, which was the herald of the newest aesthetic principles of the time.

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