The museum was founded in 1988 after the first exhibition of Parajanov’s works held  in People’s art Museum of Armenia. In the same year Sargis Parajanyants was allotted two adjacent constructions for dwelling and for the museum in “Dzoragyugh” ethnic quarter. The museum was opened in 1991.

The main part of the collection are  Parajanov’s works: drawings, texts for films, dolls, hats, as well as his furnishings and personal items brought from his house in Tiflis on his own free will when he was alive.

The letters of the director written to Lily Brik, Tarkovsky, Nikulin and to other workers of culture are kept in the museum. 700 works of art are included in the exhibition. Certain segments of Parajanov’s homes in  Tiflis and Kiev were restored in the two halls of reminiscence. The majority of his works were created in the years of his imprisonment.

The museum organized 56 exhibitions in Cannes, Salonika, Moscow, Rome, London, Los Angeles, Tehran, Beijing, Paris and other places.

Address – Yerevan,Dzoragyugh, Ethnic quarter, 15-16.
Tel.:(+37410)53 84 73,(+37410)53 92 24