In April, 1953 at Moskovyan,40 in Yerevan by the project of architect Grigor Aghababyan the museum of Hovh. Toumanyan was opened, where more than 18000 exhibits are kept carefully. One of the greatest values of the museum –  Hovh.Toumanyan’s personal exceptional and various library consisted of about 8 000 volumes – is kept in a separate hall on the second floor. The copy of Tiflis «Vernatun» impresses greatly.

One of the attractive corners of the museum is the panorama of « Lori gorge», the view of which is accompanied by the music from «Anoush» opera.
To reach this museum, situated on the eminence in the center of Yerevan you should surmount 54 stairs – this number symbolize the years of life of the greatest Armenian.

Address – Yerevan, Moskovyan, 40
Tel.:(+37410)56 00 21,(+37410)58 12 71,(+37410)51 60 21