Noravank was built by Hovhannes bishop in 1105.It was reconstructed in XIII-XIV under the sponsorship of Orbelians ruling family. Noravank monastery complex consists of St. Karapet, St. Grigor and St. Astvatsatsin churches and vestibule (narthex).
The main church of the complex – St. Karapet was built in 1216-1223. The only entrance to the Church is from the West and opens to the vestibule.1321 earthquake damaged the structure, but later was reconstructed by the famous architect Momik. The earthquake in 1931 again damaged the church’s dome. In 1949 the roof and walls were restored, and later in 1998, St. Karapet was completely renovated.

Along the northern wall of St. Karapet church extends St. Grigor church-vaulted mausoleum of Prince Smbat (built by Siranes architect).

The most famous building of the monastery is St. Astvatsatsin – the two-story mausoleum-church. It is also called Burtelashen, in honor of Prince Burtel Orbelyan, who financed the construction of this church.