Ani Hotel is a newly built hotel-restaurant complex in Jermuk resort town. It is a 4-storeyed building with 11 suites. The reception desk and the restaurant are on the first floor.

The hotel has a separate boiler-house to provide heating throughout the hotel. Clean and tidy rooms are well furnished and equipped with refrigerators, LCD TVs, as well as bathrooms with shower cabins and other necessary facilities.

Jermuk is a resort town known for its mineral waters. It is 175 km to the southeast of Yerevan, at a height of 2080m. above the sea level. Jermuk is one of the most unpolluted areas in Armenia. The main sanative factors of the resort are its hypo thermal mineral waters. The average air temperature in summers is +20°C …+23°C, and -7°C in winters. The climate is alpine.